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Roger Tusiani-Eng

"Greatest Album Ever!

Tomorrow the World                    
Bury Me in Willow                         
No Religion        
I Know How You Feel 
Face on the Bridge"                       
Al Gatto Nero                   
Reno (Silver and Gold)  
Ghost of a Chance                     

I Know How You Feel

Finger on the Trigger
Through My Veins
Holy War
Ever Yours
Listen, Children
End of the World
Light the Way
I’m Still the Same
There Was a Time
I Believe
Don’t Wanna Lose You Now

Dan Ludington "alpha is my fav album ever"

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Don't Cry
The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
Never in a Million Years
My Own Time   
The Heat Goes On,
Eye to Eye
Last to Know
True Colors
Midnight Sun

Open Your Eyes

Sole Survivor "The greatest album ever made"

William Steelers Hunter "Without You came from the initial writing and playing sessions with Wetton/Howe at the very outset of what became Asia"

Andy Thomas "When I saw it, I was amazed"

William Steelers Hunter "The defining album of my life"

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Heat of the Moment
Only Time Will Tell
Sole Survivor
One Step Closer
Time Again
Wildest Dreams               
Without You
Cutting It Fine
Here Comes the Feeling


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The original line up recorded 5 studio albums seen below with its track listings & year.

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Charlie Nolan  "I liked Alpha over the original.... saw the Alpha tour show, AUGUST, 1983, Spectrum, Philadelphia,PA.. ...."







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Where the seeds of the reunion were planted!

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Never Again
Nothing's Forever


Sleeping Giant/No Way Back (Reprise)
Alibis Asia ALIBIS

I Will Remember You

Shadow of a Doubt

Parallel Worlds/Vortex/Deya

Wish  I'd Known All Along

Orchard of Mines            

Over and Over

Extraordinary Life